• Положение о членстве
    Положение о членстве в Некоммерческом партнерстве «Национальный платежный совет» от 17 марта 2015 г. [PDF]
  • Условия участия
    Размеры вступительных и членских взносов. [PDF]
  • Анкета
    Анкета члена Ассоциации участников рынка платежных услуг. [DOC]
  • Заявление
    Заявление о вступлении в Ассоциацию участников рынка платежных услуг «Некоммерческое партнерство «Национальный платежный совет». [DOC]


An organization intending to join the Partnership sends the following documents to the Partnership’s Board of Directors:

  • statement;
  • the decision to join the Partnership in the form of a duly executed extract from the protocol or a copy of the administrative document of the authorized body or official of the organization, who, in accordance with the Article of the organization, has the right to make a decision on joining other organizations;
  • a copy of the Article (with amendments to it);
  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, current as of the date of the decision on joining the Partnership;
  • questionnaire (form).

The documents provided for in subparagraphs 1 – 2, 5 of this paragraph shall be issued on the letterhead of the organization, signed by the head of the organization and sealed.

The documents provided for in subparagraph 3 to 4 of this paragraph are certified by an authorized person of the organization, must contain the inscription “The copy is correct”, the date of certification, position, full name and signature of the person certifying the document, and the seal of the organization.

Documents drawn up on more than 2 (two) sheets are presented in stitched form.

The Partnership stores the received documents, ensuring the confidentiality of the information contained in them in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Article and internal documents of the Partnership.